• Sunday is our last day for the season. Come see us before we close for the winter!
  • We will be closed for Thanksgiving Thursday-Saturday. We will reopen Sunday!! Happy Thanksgiving!!
  • I see nachos
I eat nachos
Mission Accomplished 
This week nachos are $2.00 with any purchase.  Yo quiero Yummi’s
  • For those of you who’ve asked for Strawberry Soft Serve 
we have it this week. It’s getting close to the end of the year for us so come on by and get your Yummi’s on while you can. 
Hotdogs - shakes - Nachos - coffee  Sundaes - hot chocolate - Lattes 
Banana splits - sno comes 
Ice cream - cappuccinos - floats 
Pickled eggs and sausage 
Hand dip cones and razzles 
Try some today
See you soon.

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